Jason was born in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and it happened sometime after the light bulb was invented but before time travel was perfected.  He happens to be a fan of people who think before they speak, large dogs with proper manners, breakfast and daydreaming, not necessarily in that order though.

A few of his hobbies might include the building of very large banana splits and giggling at funny words like bamboozle, hootenanny and bumbershoot. And he has given himself the goal of building at least one really large replica of something small in his yard before he dies.  Why? Just the thought of how funny it would be to have a giant top hat or tooth brush sitting in your yard.

Jason lives in the Kansas City area where he has been a graphic designer/illustrator and purveyor of frozen treats for many years now.  When he isn’t designing or drawing he waits for giant monsters to come walking up the street.  One who is friendly of course but is just lost and simply asking for directions.  Other times he is composing an autobiographical song about his life in advertising.

Jason also feels boredom is unacceptable in a world where there is meteor showers and sunsets and weird family pets.  Coincidentally he thinks dogs wearing sweaters are also unacceptable but the occasional pair of sunglasses on a dog is just plain funny.

He also believes playgrounds can never be two big and that there just aren’t enough water slides in the world.  Jason also truly believes one of his happiest days would be to go for a ride in a rocket ship into space.   The only thing that might make him happier is someday getting his very own giant robot, a pet giant squid or his very own pirate ship.

And more importantly he would rather hear a child enthusiastically tell a story than the world’s greatest scientist reveal the mysteries of the universe.  He also hopes that someday he can devote his life to creating things that serve no other purpose than making children smile.  And hen he dies he hopes he is remembered for never taking anything too seriously.